August 22, 2017

Niko S1 Designs

Niko Season 1 is out now. It's charming, adventurous, epic, and beautifully crafted Emmy-Winning show. Check it out now on Amazon Prime!

I was very fortunate to be able to contribute briefly in the show's early development. Here is a small selection:

April 10, 2017

Little Big Awesome Backgrounds

Here are production backgrounds I did for Little Big Awesome. It's the kind of show where you tell your friends and they have no idea what it is--but their kids know everything about it. I've been truly fortunate to be a part of this journey even though it was brief. First pilot episode is on Amazon, please check it out!

Special thanks to Bobby Walker for painting this background when I pressed for time as well as lending his talents to the show.

August 27, 2016

Toyota "One and Only"

Found these old storyboards for Toyota Camry commercial ideas I did years ago. They were part of a series of commercials featuring Korean star Lee Min Ho as the protagonist (and antagonist). This was surprisingly the most fun to work on out of all the commercial storyboards I did that spanned over the course of 9 years. It was also one of my last commercial storyboarding project before transitioning into animation.

June 17, 2016

Little Big Awesome Set Designs

Little Big Awesome is out on Amazon, check it out! I briefly had the chance to art direct this pilot a few months ago at Titmouse. Even though we had a very small crew and short deadline, it was a sweet little project that allowed me to work with some very special people. These are some of the set design ideas for Grandma's House that we provided to our collaborating studio Swazzle Inc. who are masters of puppetry and set design.