September 5, 2007

Black n White Sketches

A few PS sketches for September.


Gabriele said...

wow man, i love all your drawings, paintings, whatever...
lookin at your works i think i wont never be that good .. congrats.. keep uploading, i'm lookin forward to check ur stuff out


- gabriele

RainStormCity said...

Khang Le,
We met in Life Drawing the other day and I came to you asking about your art and your influences.

I've been doing some writing and design and basic concept drawing lately for a few ideas for American style comics (and other ideas) and I'm looking for more artists and creative types (like myself) that is willing to work together and collaborate on ideas and even get projects and other things published (and even make some friends along the way).

If you find the time, maybe after class one day whatever, we could meet up and talk Art and other things. I do like your art style and the pieces you've have posted on your site.

I, myself, am a developing artist, working to better what comes naturally. I'm skilled in drawing, illustration, Fine art (oil painting), digital design (Adobe Photoshop, Image Ready, Page Maker) and also writing.

I also have other friends that I'm "recruiting" to work with me on possibly long running projects and so on.

If you're at all interested into meeting other artists and creative people, making friends, and doing projects and having some fun along the way, let me know.

Hope to here from you soon,
~Frank Narvaez IV
Here's my email:

paac said...

hey Khang! Love your stuff man! How about some sketches for October? :P

Keep up the good work!

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